Highpower Technology wins Logitech's ''Carbon Reduction Winner''

Highpower Technology wins Logitech's ''Carbon Reduction Winner''

On June 28th, Logitech held the first award ceremony of the "Future Positive Challenge" competition, and Highpower Technology (stock code: 001283) was awarded the winner in the field of "Energy Storage & Management".

"Future Positive Challenge" was established in 2022 to encourage suppliers of groundbreaking new energy materials, components, and processes to make meaningful contributions to sustainable development. Meanwhile, this is Logitech's acknowledgment of the supplier's superb technical and advanced solution engineering. The awards are divided into four categories: Electronics, Energy Storage & Management, Transducers & Actuators and Materials. Among them, the criteria for winning the "Energy Storage & Management" award is to design a cost-effective solution for battery recycling.

With a focus on technology innovation and product quality, sustainability is one of Logitech's core values. In the face of challenges and opportunities in consumer electronics, Logitech is actively working with its suppliers to find a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, components, and processes to promote the implementation of "green" solutions. In the "Future Positive Challenge" competition, Highpower Technology was selected as one of the final four winners among nearly 100 suppliers after rounds of selection because of the high-quality products and services provided in the field of carbon reduction. 

From comprehensive solution planning to implementation, Highpower Technology insists on high standards for itself, and the company is recognized by the global market of the demand response services, environmental management concepts & actions. Through a long-term and close interaction with the Logitech team, our company gained a deeper understanding of the "low carbon footprint" and the Highpower Technology team designed an implementation plan and drove the project forward based on the customer's needs and the green production trend. Firstly, our team members calculated the carbon emissions of the whole process for Logitech's project and built a complete Cobalt recycling supply chain. Secondly, we completed internal verification of the battery samples produced with recycled materials and started the subsequent work of sending samples for recognition and importing projects. Finally, Highpower Technology's ESG team has completed the third-party LCA carbon footprint certification. Additionally, we will also use the carbon footprint certification steps to identify process improvement points to promote the realization of energy saving and emission reduction.

As a global supplier of clean energy solutions that integrates R&D, production, and sales of Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries, energy storage systems, and used battery recycling, Highpower Technology focuses on the "green" production needs of global customers, adheres to the environmental management concept of " Clean, Low-carbon, Green development ", and strictly implements national environmental policies, laws, and regulations. Our company has established an environmental management committee and obtained ISO14001:2015 certification, and we are firmly marching towards being a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise.

Our company actively responds to the call of "Emission Peak, Carbon Neutral", establishes an ESG department and "Green Power Project", making full use of the spacious rooftops and parking lots in the industrial park to build rooftop distributed photovoltaic power stations, and the generated power will be primary consumed by the industrial park. "The Green Power Project" has been successful in relieving the pressure on the municipal power supply and reducing carbon emissions per unit of product simultaneously. At the same time, after many discussions, the ESG team have formed a carbon emission reduction solution for the whole battery production chain from the upstream supply chain, and internal collaboration to downstream customers, including a series of measures such as the use of recycled materials, process upgrades, automation enhancements, clean energy, energy saving and consumption reduction.

In the future, Highpower Technology will stand at a new starting point and continue to adhere to the concept of "Clean, Low-carbon, Green development ". Meanwhile, we will continue to reduce carbon emissions and further enhance service awareness to respond to customers faster. Our company will persist in taking scientific research and innovation as the cornerstone, “delight customers” as the core value, and to "provide world-class clean energy solutions to power the future " as the vision. We will collaborate with our global partners to defeat new challenges.

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